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A damning dossier assembled from exhaustive research into the [drone] strikes’ targets sets out in heartbreaking detail the deaths of teachers, students and Pakistani policemen. It also describes how bereaved relatives are forced to gather their loved ones’ dismembered body parts in the aftermath of strikes….

…According to a report last month by academics at Stanford and New York universities, between 2,562 and 3,325 people have been killed since the strikes in Pakistan began in 2004.

The report said of those, up to  881 were civilians, including 176  children. Only 41 people who had  died had been confirmed as ‘high-value’ terrorist targets. (Full Article)

Why doesn’t this bother people?  Seems to me blowing up children should pretty much be universally condemned.  Instead of indicting the person ultimately responsible for war crimes, believe it or not, some Americans are actually trying to get the guy re-elected!  I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true!  I guess they feel like, “Oh, it really sucks about those little kids, but we need this guy’s help so we can steal from others to fund our wonderful welfare programs.  You know, ’cause we care so much about people!”  OK, I guess that’s a fair trade then.  Carry on.

“…the people who push the buttons to fire the missiles call these strikes “bug-splats”

But jeez man, better be careful.  Those guys over there are all crazy extremists!  For some reason, one or two of them might not appreciate having their little brother blown up by a robot.  They might even hold a grudge and could say and do hurtful things directed at us.  Don’t they know they’re supposed to greet foreign invaders with open arms and treat them as liberators?  Don’t they know they are being bombed for their own good?  Don’t they realize that history began on 9/11?  You see, these types can’t be reasoned with.  They clearly have some sort of blind hatred for us because we’re so good and so free and like reality TV shows.  Crazy.

“I believe very sincerely that the CIA is correct when they teach and talk about blowback. When we went into Iran in 1953 and installed the shah, yes, there was blowback. A reaction to that was the taking of our hostages and that persists. And if we ignore that, we ignore that at our own risk. If we think that we can do what we want around the world and not incite hatred, then we have a problem. They don’t come here to attack us because we’re rich and we’re free. They come and they attack us because we’re over there. I mean, what would we think if we were –if other foreign countries were doing that to us?” – Ron Paul during a 2007 presidential primary debate.

Post 2012 Election Update (11/9/12):

To all the Obama supporters, I’m just going to say this because it needs to be said:  The life of one innocent child, even if they happen to live on the other side of the world, is not worth your stupid Obamacare or whatever other thieving redistributionist reason you had for voting for Obama.  I used to wonder how the German people could allow their Nazi government to kill so many people, I don’t anymore.


When Is a Little Girl Stronger than a Full Grown Man?

It’s a sick person that thinks it would be better for this girl to have been beaten, raped, and/or killed rather than have access to effective means of self-defense.  Gun grabbers really need to think long and hard about who they would be hurting with their idiotic emotion-based ideas.  Here’s a clue – it’s not the criminals.  I’m sorry, did you think that criminals follow laws?

Child Killer In Chief

I like to think of my friends and family as decent people who would never knowingly support a mass-murdering criminal like Barack Obama.  I had a family member say to me recently that she could never support Romney because of his offshore bank accounts!  Why, that’s just un-American!  Hmm… Obama has murdered innocent people pretty much every day that he’s been in office, including an innocent 16-year old American boy, but Romney’s offshore account is just beyond the pale.

16-year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki from Colorado. Murdered by one of Obama’s drones while he was on a Disney-like quest to find his father in Yemen.

Unless people will truly support Obama regardless of what he does – ‘cause he’s just that dreamy – I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  I suppose it is possible that people genuinely don’t realize the extent of the evil he is guilty of.  Let’s review, shall we? (from Anthony Gregory):

He shoveled money toward corporate America, banks and car manufacturers. He championed the bailouts of the same Wall Street firms his very partisans blamed for the financial collapse. He picked the CEO of General Electric to oversee the unemployment problem. He appointed corporate state regulars for every major role in financial central planning. After guaranteeing a new era of transparency, he conducted all his regulatory business behind a shroud of unprecedented secrecy. He planned his health care scheme, the crown jewel of his domestic agenda, in league with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

He continued the war in Iraq, even extending Bush’s schedule with a goal of staying longer than the last administration planned. He tripled the U.S. presence in Afghanistan then took over two years to announce the eventual drawdown to bring it back to only double the Bush presence. He widened the war in Pakistan, launching drone attacks at a dizzying pace. He started a war on false pretenses with Libya, shifting the goal posts and doing it all without Congressional approval. He bombed Yemen and lied about it.

He enthusiastically signed on to warrantless wiretapping, renditioning, the Patriot Act, prison abuse, detention without trial, violations of habeas corpus, and disgustingly invasive airport security measures. He deported immigrants more than Bush did. He increased funding for the drug war in Mexico. He invoked the Espionage Act more than all previous presidents combined, tortured a whistleblower, and claimed the right to unilaterally kill any U.S. citizen on Earth without even a nod from Congress or a shrug from the courts.

If you’re a leftist who’s planning to vote for Obama because you find Romney and his cabal of neocon advisors even more nauseating, a part of me can sympathize with you.  In no way do I want this to come off as an endorsement of Romney.  Hell, he may even be the worst option of the two as he seems much more likely to get the US into a war with Iran with his buddy Netanyahu.  My point is this: don’t accept the murder, the contempt for the bill of rights, the cronyism.  Don’t accept the false dichotomy. You don’t have to choose between two evils – there is a better way

I’ll close with the words of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki’s grandfather as he condemns the president:

“I urge the American people to bring the killers to justice. I urge them to expose the hypocrisy of the 2009 Nobel Prize laureate. To some, he may be that. To me and my family, he is nothing more than a child killer.”