It’s Just Good Sense

I was recently thinking about how people will prepare for certain emergencies, but bury their heads in the sand for others.  I decided to get some data.

Most of us rightfully believe it is a good idea to have fire alarms and fire extinguishers in our homes.  According to the CDC, in 2010, fire departments responded to 384,000 home fires nationwide.

Contrast that with the number of burglaries that occur annually.  According to the FBI, there were 2,161,727 burglaries in the United States during that same year (2010).  In the category of violent crime, there were 367,643 robberies.

If prudence dictates that a responsible home owner have both fire alarms and fire extinguishers for an event that happens 384,000 times per year, wouldn’t it be even more prudent to have a security system and a gun for something that happens over two million times per year?

Just like your fire extinguisher, a gun is something you hope never needs to be used.  But if the day ever comes when you do need it, wouldn’t it be nice to know it’s an option that’s available?



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  1. […] it’s a bit corny, but I still think it makes a good point – it’s good to have an Emergency Life Saving device available when you need […]


  2. Posted by Sperling on April 3, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    You don’t have the right to kill someone if they are robbing your house. A life can’t be replaced but your possessions can be,. The fire extinguisher is there to save lives, fire arms are just as likely to get you killed as they are to save you… I imagine a lot of people would use them when they are not necessary, or they would pull it out to threaten someone who might be robbing them, which may force the robber to take more violent action. Same goes for knives, if someone robs your house and you go at them with a knife, you better hope this person can’t get the knife off you and use it against you.


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