A Letter to My Congresscritters

I just used this link to automatically send the following letter to the President and my “representatives” in Congress.  While I generally feel that these endeavors are about as useful as a liberal in a rational thinkers convention, I nevertheless, wanted to let my disdain for the recent gun-control rhetoric be known.  If you think  that freedom is too precious to be carelessly thrown away in a misguided desire to “do something”, I encourage you to do the same…

Due to recent tragedies that have occurred, we now face even greater threats to our liberties through heavy-handed, emotion-driven, ill-conceived legislation foisted upon us by our own government.  Efforts to disarm or severely restrict the types of firearms available to law-abiding citizens will do nothing to reduce the likelihood that someone with malicious intent will do harm to innocent people (as the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban did nothing to prevent  the 1999 Columbine massacre).  This is because these measures do not address any potential root causes that would drive someone to commit such horrible acts of violence.


There has long been a striking correlation between extreme acts of violence and psychiatric drug use.  A thorough investigation into this relationship is long overdue.  If side-effects from these commonly prescribed drugs are in fact the root cause, the proposed increases in availability for mental health treatment, where administration of these drugs is the accepted standard of care, coupled with an increasingly disarmed and defenseless populace, will make the potential for loss of innocent life much worse.


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