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Metal and Powerlifting

I’ve been forced to take a break from Olympic weightlifting for the past few weeks in order to address an immobile knee.  Thanks to my physical therapist wife, the rehab has been progressing nicely (rehab consists of a combination of ultrasound, Graston, and manual mobilization).

Not being one to sit around and do nothing just because my favored activity is off limits, I’ve found ways to move forward without aggravating the injury.  Specifically, I’ve been following the Power to the People program by Pavel Tsatsouline.  This program consists mainly of deadlifting coupled with some sort of press.  I’ve chosen the bench press for my pushing exercise and have included chin-ups for more pulling volume.  In addition, I’ve been doing some high-intensity conditioning, mainly with kettlebells, about once a week.


As powerlifting and metal go together like seeking and destroying, I’ve been listening to a lot of heavy music during my training sessions.  I thought I’d share some choice motivational pieces so that you may listen, lift, and be less crappy than you were yesterday:

Lamb of God, “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For” – Because “strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” (Mark Rippetoe)

Pantera, “Mouth For War” – Because when someone needs a punch to the face, you better be ready to deliver it.

Pantera, “A New Level” – Because this song is more motivational than Tony Robbins.

Slayer, “Raining Blood” – Because the zombies aren’t going to kill themselves.  When the apocalypse comes, you need to be prepared.

Motorhead, “The Ace of Spades” – Because Lemmy.

Sepultura, “Territory” – Because you want to look hot for Carnival!

Machine Head, “Davidian” – Because the only way to get more amped up is with amphetamines.

Clutch, “The House That Peterbilt” – Because “Steve McQueen got nuthin’ on me.”

Clutch, “Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks” – Because monster trucks crush shit – just like you are going to do with your PRs.

Clutch, “Promoter“- Because I love Clutch and most of their catalog is appropriate for a list like this.

Basically, if you’re in doubt, just listen to something from Pantera or Clutch.  Their music is dripping with so much testosterone you will likely test positive for PEDs.  Consider yourselves warned.

So what songs get you primed for physical exertion?  Let me know in the comments.