Defensive Gun Use

This page serves to catalog stories of armed self-defense by otherwise ordinary citizens.  Keep in mind that according to criminologist Dr. Gary Kleck, guns are used for self-defense by armed citizens 2 million times per year – this is a partial list.  Not included are the numerous unreported instances in which the mere presence of a gun puts an end to a dangerous situation.

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July 2018

Mom shoots man who took her car with kids inside

June 2018

Suspected Walmart robber tries to carjack two different cars, both drivers pull out guns

February 2018

A mother and daughter defend themselves during a robbery attempt on their liquor store.

Man armed with an AR-15 stops a knife attack.

November 2017

CPL holder saves man that was beaten during a robbery and kidnapping.

May 2017

Mom pulls out guns to chase off 5 suspected burglars

Oklahoma Army Vet Holds Home Invader

Relative Uses AR to Rescue Family from Armed Thugs

March 2017

Man uses an AR-15 to defend his home against three invaders

December 2016

7-11 clerk stops an robber armed with an AR-style weapon.

Illinois concealed carry permit holder stops an armed robbery.

Yoga instructor defends herself against four armed home invaders.

November 2016

Gun-toting grandmother foils home invasion; 3 arrested

October 2016

Young mother, Ashley Mundy at home with her 4-year-old is woken up when her meth-head neighbor breaks in with a machete.  

August 2016

Pregnant woman defends herself against a home invader.

June 2016

Would-be robbery victim pulls gun on alleged robber in Oregon

Detroit concealed carrier stops a group of armed robbers

Mass shooting outside a South Carolina club is stopped by a legally armed bystander.(Tag: Concealed Carrier.)  (2)

Following severe flooding, Fayette county residents begin armed patrols to fend off looters.

Houston concealed carrier engages a veteran with PTSD who was shooting at people with an AR-15.

May 2016

Dallas man stops an armed home invasion – the story was not reported in the news.

Woman defends herself against an armed home invasion.

80-year-old woman stops a home invader that was stabbing her husband.

80-year-old man stops a group of home invaders.

Homeowner protects his family from a home invader and holds the suspect at gunpoint for police.

April 2016

11-year-old Talladega boy shoots a home invader.

61-year-old woman shoots intruder and is then beaten after she runs out of ammunition.

Armed CPL holder stops a tire iron attack in a Home Depot parking lot.

Fresno man turns the tables on a knife-wielding would-be robber.

March 2016

7 Instances of good guys with guns saving the day.

Indianapolis woman stops a home invader that shot at her. (2)

Woman foils robbery and potential kidnapping outside an Oklahoma Dollar Tree store.

Armed Employee Stops Workplace Shooter

Family being held hostage by a dangerous fugitive stops him when they manage to get to their gun.

Louisville woman stops a man that stalked and attempted to mug her at knife point in a mall parking garage.

February 2016

GM contractor with a concealed firearm saves a woman from a knife attack. 

92-year-old WWII vet scares away a burglar with his 1911.

January 2016

Homeowners hold burglar at gunpoint until police arrive. 

Two concealed carry permit holders stop an armed robber at a barbershop.

Man uses his father’s hunting rifle to stop two armed home invaders that beat him and his mother.

Chicago T-mobile store employee stops two armed robbers.

65-year-old woman stops a burglar who tried to assault her while returning home to her apartment.

Las Vegas man scares away three armed would-be home invaders with a pistol caliber carbine.

December 2015

Washington man detains burglars at gun point and makes them call 911 on themselves.

November 2015

Armed robber in Venezuela inadvertently picks an off duty cop as his victim – it doesn’t end well for him.

Homeowner uses a gun he bought days earlier to scare away home invaders.

Neighbor comes to the rescue and stops a home invasion by four to eight people.

St. Louis utility worker fights back against an armed robber.

Kansas City convenience store clerk, robber draw guns on each other

Man is awoken to a gun in his face.  He grabs his own and chases the home invaders out.

Hunter defends himself against a grizzly attack.

Homeowner defends himself against three armed robbers.

Macomb county woman saves her boyfriend from a viscous beating by the couple’s neighbor.

New Mother Feeding Baby Pulls Gun, Fights Off Home Invaders (2)

Intruder kills a teenager with a knife and is then shot by a neighbor.

82-year-old woman defends herself against an intruder.

Chicago concealed carrier stops an armed robber at a convenience store.

October 2015

Man breaks into couple’s home, gets undressed, and tries to force his way into their bed with a knife. Gets chased out by the armed homeowner.

Concealed carrier stops three armed robbers at a Detroit bus stop.

Concealed carrier holds a carjacker at gunpoint until police arrive saving children that were in the car.

72-year-old man stops an attack by a disgruntled employee wielding a sledgehammer.

Texas woman opens fire while being attacked by boyfriend’s ex

Concealed carrier stops an armed robbery at a North Charleston Waffle House

Israeli armed guard helps to stop a man that ran several people over then got out of his car and started hacking at them with a machete .(Active Self Protection Analysis)

Concealed carrying man stops an armed robbery in progress.

Brazillian carjackers are thwarted by a husband with a carry gun.

Two Michigan men buying a car on Craigslist were jumped by three robbers.  One of the buyers has a concealed carry permit and fought back. (2)

12 Times Mass Shootings Were Stopped by Good Guys With Guns

Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings?

September 2015

Elderly man comes to his wife’s rescue during an armed robbery.

Customer with concealed carry permit stops an armed bank robber in Warren, MIchigan.

90-year-old man scares away a burglar using his .357 Magnum.

Ohio woman defends herself in her own home for a second time.  Had to wait an hour for police response.

August 2015

Illinois concealed carrier defends himself and a woman from two armed robbers.

A North Las Vegas teen is being hailed a hero after scaring home invaders away with a rifle and protecting his young brother and sister in the process.

Homeowner retrieves a handgun during an attack an stops the intruder.

Homeowner defends his family with a rifle during a home invasion.

Las Vegas man turns the tables on three armed robbers who demanded his date’s purse.

Concealed carrier intervenes to stop a man who was threatening to kill his wife and in fact stabbed her. (2)

July 2015

Armed Senior ‘Santa’ from Redford Township MI Stops Home Invasion, Stops a Robber

Concealed carrier is attacked on the job and unloads his gun while defending himself from armed robbers.

Man With Concealed Carry Permit Saves Four People From Crazed Gunman

Wisconsin business man uses an AR-15 to defend himself against armed robbers who smashed their way into his store.

Convicted rapist shot during violent home invasion

Concealed carrier wins gunfight against two armed muggers.

Concealed carrier (or possibly open carrier) stops an armed robber at a gas station.

Houston Store Clerk Fights Back, Killing Two Of Three Armed Robbers

Man who threatened his ex, is killed when he tried to break into the home.

Las Vegas man successfully uses an AK-47 to defend his family from an armed home invasion.

Concealed carrier shoots captures one of two thugs Nashville robbery

June 2015

Former CNN Anchor, Armed With Handgun, Stops Armed Motel Intruder

74-year-old Uber driver defends himself from a passenger that attacked him.

58-year-old Detroit woman gets into a shootout with a home invader.

Another Domino’s Delivery Driver Defies “No Guns” Policy, And It Saves His Life

SC concealed carrier stops a potential mass shooting during church services.

Hero of 1993 Church attack calls for being armed.

Detroit Coney Island Employee Stops an Armed Robber.

Detroit woman wounded in shootout with home invaders

Woman with a concealed carry permit stops a man armed with a knife when he tries to rob her.

Detroit woman with a concealed carry permit thwarts would-be carjackers. (2)

May 2015

Armed citizen with a concealed carry permit stops a mass shooting in a Georgia liquor store.

Car thief is held at gunpoint until police arrive.

After a break-in, a North Carolina woman purchased a handgun and put it to good use repelling a second break-in attempt.

Man with a concealed carry permit holds a would-be carjacker at gunpoint until police arrive.

77-year-old homeowner shoots two armed intruders

Brazilian man takes care of three robbers that broke into his garage.

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Frees Woman That Was Held Hostage and Assaulted for 20 Hours

Parolee escapes, gets shot by armed female homeowner.

Store clerk grabs robber’s shotgun and pulls his own gun to stop the attack.

Armed citizen pulls a gun on an alleged robber who was beating a cop with his own baton.

Racial slurs turn into a self-defense shooting by a concealed carrier in a Florida Waffle House.

Armed firefighters stop gunman and a potential mass shooting.

Detroit homeowner stops two home invaders.

Houston gets a double dose of defensive gun use in under a day

April 2015

Tennessee homeowner stops a home invader with a single shot.

Newport News mom defends herself and her daughter from a home invader.

Arkansas concealed carrier stops an attack on an elderly man in a Kroger parking lot.

COLORADO CAMPUS CARRY: 12 year, no mass shootings, no crimes by permit holders, 100% of rapists stopped when confronted with a weapon.

Gun-toting grandma stops a man who put a knife to her throat.

Chicago Concealed Carry Uber Driver Shoots Gunman (2)

Home invader robs and rapes a woman at gunpoint and is later shot by her neighbor.

Concealed carrier is pistol whipped by an attacker and answers by shooting the assailant.

Houston home invaders repelled by armed home owner.

92-year-old blind woman chases off burglars 

Armed couple try to rob concealed carry permit holder during playstation buy setup, guess who wins

Concealed carrier holds a man who was harassing and assaulting a woman on a subway at gunpoint.

Female homeowner in Detroit shoots a home invader to save her brother.

March 2015

Eddie Gilmore defends himself and his wife Cindy against three armed home invaders.

Robber’s Famous Last Words: ‘I Thought You Couldn’t Own A Gun In New Jersey’

1 injured after shootout between homeowner, suspected intruders on Detroit’s east side.

Armed homeowner repels home invaders that had a gun to his wife’s head

Neighbor stops a man that was stabbing his own mother.

Concealed carrier stops a possible mass shooting in a Philadelphia barber shop.

California man is threatened by an intruder with a broken shard of glass and stops him with a “high-capacity” semi-auto rifle.

Woman at an ATM is threatened by a man with a syringe.

Career criminal breaks into a Baton Rouge home with a crowbar and is stopped by the homeowner.

Elderly Columbus, OH man (71) shoots a home invader. 

Man intervenes when he sees burglars breaking into his wheelchair-bound neighbor’s home. (2)

February 2015

Three break into home, homeowner shoots one in the head

Son Gives His Widowed Mother a Gun Out of Concern for Her Safety. One Week Later She Found Herself Needing It. (2)

Concealed Carrying Pharmacist Saves Multiple Lives In West Virginia (2)

Texas woman shoots home-invading sex offender

GA Woman Shot 3 Times During Home Invasion Returns Fire and Lives

January 2015

11-year-old girls with a shotgun scares away an intruder. (2, 3)

Robber plays dead when store owner pulls out a gun, then makes a run for it

Robbery suspect shot more than 12 times by woman with 2 guns

Anti-Gun Advocates Routinely Ask Why Anyone Would Ever Need More Than 10 Bullets — Texas Man Now Has a Good Reason30 gunshots exchanged in Tombal home invasion

College Student Says She’s Glad Her Dad Gave Her The Gun She Used To Fight Off Armed Home Invaders (2)

Seattle police pepper spray a teacher at an MLK day rally for no reason.

New Mexico store owner wins shootout with an armed robber.

Compilation video – Proof that guns save lives

Family opens fire against intruders third home invasion

Armed Pennsylvania woman stops a crime spree.

 A man waiting at a Sonic drivethru fights back against four armed men trying to rob him. (2)

Armed robber shot by convenience store clerk.

Concealed carry permit holder stops a knife wielding robber at an Arby’s restaurant.

Twain Thomas incident – Machete wielding man breaks down an apartment door and is shot by the occupant.

Convenience store clerk fights back against three armed robbers.

Burglary victims catch suspects and hold them for police.

Pasadena man holds burglary suspect at gunpoint until police arrive.

Man defends his wife when armed robbery break into their home and threaten her.

Female pizza delivery driver was able to fight back against an armed robbery attempt. (2)

Armed customer stops restaurant robbery suspects.

Concealed carry permit holder stops an armed robber in a Taco Bell parking lot.

CA homeowner fights off an attack by a home invader and holds him at gunpoint until police arrive. (2)

Patron at a barber shop fights back against an armed robber.

December 2014

Meat market owner shoots at man trying to rob store, shoots again when he tries to carjack his wife

Armed Homeowner Takes Out Intruder Who Had Gun To Woman’s Neck

Passer-by with a gun and concealed carry permit stops an assault and robbery.

Armed robbery suspect shot by a concealed carry permit holder in Detroit.

Pastor stops a disgruntled ex-employee who opened fire on him

Good Samaritan with a concealed carry permit stops a man from attacking a woman.

Concealed carry permit holder stops an armed robber attempting to steal his new Air Jordans.

Good Samaritan stops an armed robber that had a gun to the head of a Dollar Store employee.

Homeowner shoots and wounds suspect during an attempted break-in.

Ferguson residents armed with AR-15s and handguns protect a man’s gas station from looters.

The Taliban killed her son so she killed 25 of them for revenge.

November 2014

Concealed carrier in Alabama saves himself and his wife from a group of armed robbers.

Man with a concealed carry permit shoots a drunk man threatening him with a gun.

Man shoots a black bear that was menacing his small dog.

TX Homeowner holds three burglars at gunpoint.

October 2014

Woman, 72, awakes to find an intruder in her home – drives him off using her gun.

71-year-old man who just finished grocery shopping with his wife, defends her against a man that attacked and robbed her.

17-year-old girl wins a gunfight with a home invader that terrorized her mother and siblings.

Air national guardsman stops a potential stabbing in a Walmart.

Teacher Arrested: Fired Warning Shot At 9 Men Threatening To Gang Rape His Fiancee

Concealed carry permit holder defends himself against a man who pulled a knife and charged him.

Homeowner defends himself and his wife against a shotgun wielding intruder.

PA State Representative exchanges gunfire with robber.

Michigan Concealed Carry Permit Holder Helps Thwart, Capture Attempted Rapist (2)

Would-be robber wields stick, victim pulls gun, robber flees, police say

Homeowner’s son defends family against three armed intruders.

September 2014

An armed company owner intervened in an attack by shooting a former employee who had already beheaded one worker and was stabbing another. (2)

Las Vegas woman defends herself against a stalker.

Houston store clerk protects his father and sister from an armed robber.

11-year-old girl stops a man who attacked and stabbed her mother, saving her life. (2)

Canton, OH Marathon clerk fights back against three armed robbers and wins.

Detroit man shoots an invader that lied about having a gun.

OK woman protects her disabled daughter from a would-be home invader using a shotgun she got from her son on mother’s day.

Man confronts crowbar-wielding intruders.

911 audio of a widow who shoots a home invader that attacked her.

Concealed carrier fights back against a gang of teenage robbers.

August 2014

Ohio woman scares off bat wielding attackers by pulling a gun on them.

89-year-old foils an armed robbery attempt.

Legally blind homeowner shoots a knife-wielding intruder that had cut power to the house.

Homeowner Shoots and Kills Home Invader Who Assaulted 11yr Old Boy, 2 Women and Killed Family Dog (2)

Concealed Carrier in Georgia Uses Handgun to Stop Robber Armed With Rifle

Man protects his wife and three kids from an armed robber.

Police cadet opens fire on his ex girlfriend and her family/friend before being stopped by the girlfriend’s brother who used a .22 rifle.

Armed robber takes a man hostage at a gas station – another armed man stops him with a fast draw and quick shot.

Florida couple defend themselves and their 7-year-old grandson when they both fire on an armed home invader that had attacked the husband. (2)

Washington wine bar employee saves a group of women and a man from a knife-wielding attacker.

Homeowner shoots intruder in his Detroit home.

Armed Robber Shot and Killed at Hookah Shop Where Owners Encouraged Employees to Carry Guns

Homeowner takes a picture of an intruder whom he was covering with an AR-15.

Homeowner shoots at intruder, thwarting robbery.

Kansas City home invader has a panic attack after being confronted by an armed home owner.

80-year-old grandmother, recovering from hip replacement surgery, scares away burglars while her husband was away playing bridge.

15-year-old Georgia boy stops an attack on his father with a .22 rifle.

July 2014

Milwaukee nurse with a concealed carry permit fights off two armed carjackers.

Man defends himself and others from a Grizzly bear in Glacier National Park.

17-year-old chases a naked intruder out of his house (list of minors using guns defensively at the bottom of the article)

Jury sides with man who fired at cops when they were at the wrong home.

Gas station clerk outwits an armed robber and sends him to the hospital.

A Pennsylvania psychiatrist stops a gunman that open fire at a hospital and killed a case worker. (2, 3, 4)

Armed home invader breaks down in tears when confronted by the gun-wielding home owner.

19-year-old Pennsylvania man was forced to defend himself and his girlfriend with a shotgun when armed robbers entered their home and opened fire.

13-year-old with a Ruger 10/22 stops a man who was about to attack his mother.

Armed concealed carrier stops a knife-wielding robber at a bus stop.

Man kills a 9-foot grizzly bear with a .45 that was trying to enter his home. 

TX concealed carrier stops an attack by a mentally ill man in a four-star hotel.

Woman turns the tables on an armed car jacker who had shot a man in the face the day before.

Very lucky security guard scares would-be robber away, but forgot to take the safety off of his gun.

Nude homeowner scares away a burglar. (2)

Teen defends mom and siblings from an attack by the mother’s violent ex.

Homeowner fights off four armed home invaders.

Chicago man with a concealed carry permit returns fire when shot at.

Two would-be jewelry store robbers run like hell when the owner confronts them with a shotgun.

Wasilla, AK woman scares away home intruders.

June 2014

Health food store clerk turns the tables on a robber when he puts a knife to her chest.

Gun-toting thief loses bet with an armed man outside of an apartment complex in Mississippi.

Idaho man says having a concealed handgun likely saved his and his daughter’s lives. (2)

Homeowner shoots two home invaders after they shoot his wife and son.

A homeowner shot one of four home invaders who were looking for money and pills. (2, Gets voicemail when he calls 911)

Father and mother open fire on a couple of would-be robbers that threatened their daughter with a gun.

May 2014

Clerk in Youngstown, OH stops an armed robber (carrying in condition 3).

Armed robber targeting a group a women whose car had a flat, is shot by a off duty cop that came to help the women with their tire.

Utah father stops two gun-wielding men from threatening his daughter.

Atlanta woman shoots at three would-be home invaders.

Central California man defends his siblings during an early morning home invasion attempt.

Mattress store owner fights back against armed robbers.

Villagers in Nigeria repel an attack by Boko Haram.

Inkster homeowner is shot by a home invader but shoots back, killing the suspect.

17-year-old girl is ready for a potential home invader with a Glock 19, but fortunately the alarm scared them away.

An Arkansas man who is about to attack his estranged wife is stopped by two men who where carrying concealed. (2)

North Carolina homeowner uses an AR-15 to defend himself against an armed home invader.

Detroit grandmother, Paris Ainsworth,  is nicknamed “Rambo” after a shootout in her own driveway. (2, 3)

April 2014

Man is shot in the chest by home intruders but is able to return fire and fight off his attackers.

Idaho man awakens to find an intruder in his home rummaging through the refrigerator.  He hold the intruder at gunpoint until police arrive.

Janitor defends himself when three teens begin beating him.

Female homeowner protects her niece from a knife-wielding would-be home invader.

Detroit homeowner shoots a home invader in the arm.

Armed good samaritan with a concealed carry permit comes to the aid of a purse snatching victim.

When an acquaintance tries to rob them with a knife, this elderly couple springs into action to drive him away.

Protecting herself and her niece, an Alabama woman shoots a home invader that pushed his way through the door while wielding a knife.

Detroit homeowner shoots one of two home invaders who later died in a car crash.

A man who attacked a homeowner with a metal pipe and was promptly shot, calls the police himself.

Medawar jewelry store owners defend themselves and their employees during an armed robbery.

Armed Detroit nurse saves a man from being beaten to death by an angry mob.

Detroit homeowner opens fire on two intruders.

Home invader shot by entire family.

First defensive gun use by a concealed carry permit holder in Chicago.

March 2014

Disgruntled former employee stabs a store manager and a concealed carry permit holder comes to his rescue.

Chance encounter with a Concealed Carry license holder saves Frisco woman from robber.

Bloomington Indiana couple fights back against a home invader.

Georgia man shoots at home invaders to protect his kids.

A Redford pizza delivery man fights back against an armed robber.

Detroit homeowner stops two home invaders (story includes information about several other DGUs around the Detroit area)

A concealed carry permit holder in Michigan stops a syringe-wielding shoplifter. (2)

Armed Junction City woman stops burglary.

81-year-old landlord protects his tenant from an abusive boyfriend.

A son comes to his elderly mom’s rescue when a man breaks in – son holds him at gunpoint. (2)

Detroit man shoots at home invaders.

February 2014

Man defends himself against three home invaders.

Man protects his daughter who was being attacked by a loose dog.

Armed retired couple apprehends home intruder.

Detroit woman shoots home invader.(2)

Renter shoots man who broke into his home and threatened him with a machete.

11-year-old girl shoots a cougar that was stalking her 13-year-old brother.

Detroiters fight back against violent crime (three DGUs).  

Senior at an Indiana social club fires back at armed robbers who had entered and started shooting.

Detroit mom opens fire on three would-be home invaders with her rifle to defend her children. (2)

Man defends himself against a robber who attacked him with a taser in his own driveway.

DeKalb mom comes home to a robbery in progress and defends herself against an attack.

Off-duty cop, surrounded by armed robbers at a gas station fight back.

No murder charge for man who shot a Texas deputy during a no-knock raid on his home.

Homeowner defends his home against burglars without firing a shot.

Home invasion attempt stopped by a woman with a shotgun.

Woman shoots two gunmen during an armed robbery.

Mother confronts suspects during a home invasion.

Intruder shot by Bloomfield Township resident.

January 2014

Son shoots burglar to save his father’s life during a stand-off.

Texas man shoots a home invader who then kept advancing.  After getting shot a second time, he finally retreated.

Alabama neighbors catch a burglar in the act and hold him at gunpoint.

Armed woman defends home from a shotgun and machete wielding would-be intruder.

Ohio man confronts a thief trying to steal his motorcycle.  When the thief lunged at him, the homeowner fired – the shooter won’t face charges.

Homeowner’s house guest scares off muggers threatening his friend with a large knife.

Man pretends to be drunk and uses a gun to scare intruders out of his home.

Man saves three kids from drowning with his gun. (2)

Gunman bursts into a dollar store and threatens to kill everyone – an armed customer stops him.

St. Louis man fights back against an armed robber and wins.

Man covered in blood breaks into a Nevada home and gets shot by the homeowner.

Houston homeowner is forced to shoot an intruder twice in order to make him stop.

An Oregon strip club patron with a concealed gun stops a gunman who entered the club shooting.

Great grandma defends herself and her grandchildren during a home invasion robbery attempt.

Washington man defends himself and his aunt when he confronts a car thief and gets shot at.

A California restaurant employee fights off two armed robbers firing eight rounds and hitting each of them once (non-fatally).

Florida man shoots home invaders with an AK killing one.

90-year-old laundromat owner scares off a would-be robber.

10 most talked about self defense stories of 2013.

December 2013

Man with a concealed carry permit saves a store owner who was attacked by two robbers.

Man with a concealed carry gun saves a cyclist who was being mauled by a pit bull.

Cleveland man is assaulted outside of his home and forced inside.  He retrieves his concealed carry gun and fights off the attackers.

Saginaw man shoots a robber during a Craigslist meet-up to sell a motorcycle.

Man pulls a knife on a group of people setting up Christmas trees.

Wisconsin grandmother who owns a convenience store pulls a gun on a knife-wielding robber.

Burglary suspects caught by homeowner’s concealed carry permit holding nephew.

Georgia homeowner shoots one of three burglars after having his home burglarized for the second time.

Church’s Chicken manager stops and armed robbery.

Armed passerby with a concealed carry permit stops a violent robbery.

New Hampshire man puts a gun to the head of a would-be carjacker.

List of would-be mass shootings stopped by people with guns.

Arapahoe High School student who shot two fellow students kills himself when he is cornered by an armed resource officer.

Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun at a West Virginia bar.

Homeowner confronts an armed burglar in his home and scares him away.

76-year-old man finds a burglar in his home after the police “cleared” it.

Burglars invade two homes in one evening.  Their crime spree was stopped at the second home when the owner opened fire on them.

Toledo man defends himself and his girlfriend against a home invader. (2)

Robber leaves with less cash than he hoped for after having a gun pointed at him by the store’s clerk.

Homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint until police arrive.

Man forces burglar from his home at gunpoint.

November 2013

Justin Scheider saves himself and his friends during an armed robbery that appeared like it might have become an execution. (Podcast, 2, 3)

Memphis man shoots burglar while waiting for police to arrive.

Store clerk gets shot by a robber.  When the robber returned, he got more than the remaining cash he wanted.

70-year-old woman fights off two home invaders to get to her gun.  Tells them, “I’ll blow your head off.”

Clerk scares off armed robber with a bigger gun.

Michigan man is targeted for “knockout game” by a taser-weilding thug.  When the taser malfunctions, the man draws and fires his legally carried concealed handgun.

Rural Oakdale family defends themselves after a man breaks into their home three times in one night.

An intruder who broke into a home after ramming his car through a locked gate is shot after assaulting the 67-year-old homeowner.

60-year-old man defends himself in his own apartment with four home invaders break in.  He manages to shoot two of them.

Greensboro man returned fire on a robber in his own home after the robber shot him.

Circle K employee fired for shooting at an armed robber who had threatened his life.

Woman pulls gun on an intruder who asked her, “Are you ready to meet God?”

Delivery driver is robbed of his chicken wings and brandishes a gun when he felt threatened.

60-year-old woman shoots a 20-year-old man who forced his way inside her home and sexually assaulted her.

Arkansas store owner scares armed robbers away with a warning shot.

After a struggle, a 75-year-old cancer patient shoots one of two intruders looking for pills.

Car wash owner is threatened by a man with a knife until he pulls his gun causing the attacker to flee.

Family members rescue one of their own from her kidnapper.

Two Gonzaga students may be expelled for using a gun to protect themselves at a University-owned apartment.

Small Georgia town forms an posse to capture an armed robber.

Female store clerk shot during an armed robbery returns fire killing the robber.

Armed robbers shot and killed by concerned citizen with a concealed carry license.

Suspect shot with shotgun during a home invasion in which he and an accomplice entered the home and began beating the inhabitants.

11 examples of gun owners stopping a mass shooting.

October 2013

Man shoots pit bull that attacked his dog.

7-11 clerk pulls a gun on a robber armed with a coffee and a knife.

Man and his wife enter their home to find a robbery in progress.  When one of the robbers attacks the husband, he pulls his gun to defend himself.

Wichita mom protects herself and her kids when an unwelcome visitor enters their home.

Pistol-packing pastor foils robbery – “out of love.”

A potential mass shooting at an Arizona party is thwarted when a party-goer who was legally armed stopped a man who was shooting a rifle. 

Former cop uses a gun to scare away two vicious dogs that were attacking him and is arrested and forced to defend himself in court against a lying arresting officer and prosecutor.

Green Bay man wakes up in the middle of the night to find burglars in his home.  They run out when they see he has a gun.

Gas station clerk halts a robber armed with a knife by drawing his Ruger LCP. (2)

Homeowner walks in on a burglary in progress and shoots the man in his home.

Armed bystander with concealed carry permit thwarts stun gun ATM robbery attempt.

72-year-old woman has to fend off a skateboard-wielding attacker using a gun when he became angry after she pepper sprayed his aggressive dog.

72-year-old South Carolina woman stops a man from beating her friend with a baseball bat by shooting at him.

Toledo woman stops a robber and holds him at gunpoint for police for the second time in six months.

85-year old woman is awakens to find an intruder in her home and shoots at him.

September 2013

Woman chases away burglars using her carry gun.

Man with a permit, open carrying, turns the tables on three would-be robbers while he is escorting a woman to her car.

Westminster, CA watch store owner stops two armed robbers during a take-over style robbery attempt.

Kalamazoo man opens fire on several intruders attempting to break into his home.

Salem man pulls gun on knife-weilding home invader.  His dog sits on the intruder until police arrive.

A group of three would-be robbers attempted to steal money from a Ponderosa Forest, Texas man in his own driveway.

9 potential mass shooting that were stopped by armed citizens.

11 minutes of armed citizens defending life and property.

NLR Pharmacy owner stops machete wielding robber.

Pregnant woman shoots at two men breaking into her home.

Man uses pepper spray and a gun to fight off four attackers.

Two North Carolina home invaders enter a home, one gets shot.

Indiana woman fends off would-be carjackers.

Man at an ATM turns the tables on would-be thieves.

Would-be armed robber of Marionville liquor store ends up with a loaded gun in his face.

Kansas City homeowner stops a home invader on a crime spree.

Boyne City, Michigan resident holds a home invader at gunpoint until police arrive to arrest him.

August 2013

Pizza delivery driver with a concealed carry permit defends himself against a robber armed with a knife.

Women’s stories of self-defense with a gun.

Elderly couple stops an escaped convict when he attempts to hold them hostage.

Woman being beaten by her boyfriend is saved by a female neighbor with a gun. 

A tenant in a Raleigh student apartment complex defends himself against an armed intruder.

South Charleston man holds car thieves at gunpoint until they are arrested.

Milwaukee bar owner defends his bar from armed robbers.

Texas homeowner shoots a man who was threatening his family with an ax.

Massachusetts convenience store clerk pulls a gun on a would-be knife-wielding robber.

Houston woman defends her husband against six armed robbers in a Denny’s restaurant.  

Buffalo resident shoots two armed robbers outside of his home.

Armed Fruitport, Michigan man fends off three armed serial burglars.

Two teens shot while trying to invade an Atlanta home.  Their getaway driver is also in custody.

A Dale city resident fights off three armed home invaders using his own gun.

A Pittsfield Township, MI clerk uses a gun to thwart an armed robbery attempt.

San Antonio man shoots one of three burglars during an early morning home invasion.

Man enjoying a cigarette in Houston’s museum district uses a gun to fight back against three muggers.

Texas husband shoots at two bank robbers who kidnapped him and his wife. (2)

Armed robber killed at Hamtramck pawn shop.

Senior Columbus barber shop owner shoots would-be robber.

Memphis woman is robbed twice, buys a gun, stops third robbery attempt.

July 2013

Alaska man uses 13 rounds from an AK-74 to stop a charging bear. (2)

Buffalo man with a concealed carry permit shoots a mugger.

Man with a concealed carry permit defends a Georgia Waffle House during an armed robbery while his armed policeman friend does nothing. (2)

Cleveland man defends himself and his girlfriend from an armed robbery in his own driveway.

Florida man says “stand your ground” law saved his life.

Three men attempt to rob a Colorado motorcyclist at knife-point but are forced to flee when the victim produces a gun.

Muncie, Indiana homeowner holds a burglar at gunpoint until the police arrive.

Guy tries to rob a gun store with baseball bat – he was not successful.

Indiana homeowner defends himself during a home invasion by a man with a violent history. (2)

Two home invaders are shot when they attempt to enter a home where one of the visitors was armed.

Wichita man shoots at knife-wielding intruder.

Cleveland homeowner stops armed men who are holding his fiancee and kids at gunpoint.

Beaumont man is attacked on his front porch in an attempted home invasion and fights back.

Philadelphia concealed carry permit holder gets into a shootout with three armed thugs and emerges unharmed.

Man tries to rob a convenience store with a BB gun.  Problem is, the owner had a real gun (Video). (Story)

Tennessee woman uses a gun to defend herself against an abusive and threatening husband.

Denver, Colorado man defends himself against a home invader.

Melbourne, Florida man protects his girlfriend and baby from three home invaders. (2)

Oklahoma man shoots a repeat home invader in the leg leading to his arrest.

Indiana man defends himself against a home invader armed with a hatchet.

California man shoots at two would-be home invaders attempting to gain entrance to his home through a doggy door.

June 2013

Armed man fights off a rabid bobcat with his carry gun (1, 2)

A good Samaritan concealed carry permit holder comes to the rescue of a woman and her son being attacked on the side of the road by a man with a knife.

North Houston man defends his family against three armed home invaders.

70-year-old Philadelphia store owner shoots a robber in the ankle foiling his getaway.

Mt. Pleasant, SC – Armed citizen with a carry permit confronts two armed robbers at a convenience store. (2)

Security guard defends store agains a robber with a sledgehammer.

Phoenix man comes home to a robbery in progress and holds the burglar at gunpoint until police arrive.

Indiana homeowners shoot a leopard that had been killing neighborhood cats and dogs.

DGU?  A Deerfield woman scares off a masked intruder using a toy gun.

Edmond, OK homeowner defends himself against a home invader.

Durham, NC homeowner defends themselves against a home invader.

Concealed carry holder defends a group of shoppers waiting in line to buy shoes when an armed man tries to rob them.

Jacksonville, Fl:  Six friends were watching a movie when two armed home invaders kicked their front door down.  The homeowner retrieved his gun and saved his friends. (2)

Armed homeowner stops a neighbor from stealing his truck and holds him until police arrive.

San Bernardino father protects his daughter from a home invader.

Newwark, NJ store owner shoots robber who threatened to kill his family.

Woman’s ex-boyfriend attacks her with knife.  Current boyfriend stops him with a “high-powered rifle”.

Tuscaloosa man shoots at two would-be robbers at his home, wounds one. 

Pizza delivery driver avoids being robbed by five assailants by revealing his firearm.

72-year-old woman protects her 85-year-old WWII veteran husband from a home invader.  Apologizes for swearing.

Fort Wayne man shoots and kills one of the two armed robbers that attacked him in from of his home.

23-year-old concealed carry permit holder fights off three armed carjackers saving his cousin.

Refusing to be a victim for second time, a 69-year-old liquor store owner’s quick draw stops a robbery.

Retired DHS agent shoots at two burglars and misses.

60-year-old Texas City man, Enrique Herrera, fires at two would be robbers who approached him in his own driveway killing one. 

Florida CCW holder holds robber at gunpoint until police arrive.

9-year-old New York boy disarms a home invader and uses his own gun against him.

Stubenville, Ohio mom apprehends burglar in her home and holds him until police arrive.  (Another Source)

May 2013

Homeowner returns home to a burglary in progress.  After the thieves try to run him over, he fires at them causing them to flee.

23-year-old man attacks a newpaper delivery truck at 3am and is stopped by victims.

56-year-old man is attacked by a man who broke into his home and uses his gun to defend himself.

72-year-old man scares away four armed teenage home invaders.

Alabama pharmacist foils would-be heist.

Texas man shoots armed home invader.

Colorado homeowner holds home invader at gunpoint until police arrive.

Michigan man defends his grandmother during a home invasion.

South Carolina man shoots and kills a home intruder that was previously arrested after he was held at gunpoint by another homeowner.

South Carolina man shoots and kills a home invader with a long list of offenses who was armed with a shovel.

Two burglars held at gunpoint until police arrive.

77-year-old Memphis man, John Lewis, shoots and injures a home invader trying to steal his TV.

Washington jewelry store owner wards off an armed robber.

North Carolina mother and son shoot and kill an armed home invader. (1, 2)

Group of thugs target a Kansas City woman in her home unaware that she was packing and had recently practiced shooting at the range.

Montana man comes home to find his house in the process of being burglarized and shoots intruder. 

Talladega man shoots a home invader who has a record as a sex offender.

Toledo woman confronts a man trying to kick down her door and holds him at gunpoint until police arrive.

Suspected carjacker in Oregon threatens a man who happened to have a gun.  Witnesses help subdue the man until police arrive.

Homeowner chases down suspected burglar and holds him at gunpoint until police arrive.

Three armed men break into a home and put the homeowner in the closet….where he stores his guns.

Man claiming to have a gun breaks down the door to a room where the victims were hiding while police wait outside.

A Dallas store manager chases four armed robbers away with his .38 and has to wait an hour for police to respond to his call.

Gas station owner uses an AR-15 to thwart a robbery attempt.

Indiana man shoots and disarms a home invader who broke into his home.  The woman in the house was reportedly going through a divorce with the intruder.

April 2013

Matt Fugate investigates a commotion in his home and finds his brother being assaulted by two men bradishing what turned out to be a pellet gun.  Fugate retrieved his own gun and held the assailants until police arrived. (1, 2)

Shaelynn Burton holds a woman who barged into her home and threatened the lives of her family at gunpoint until police arrive.

Two blood-spattered teenage boys, Anthony Zarro and Christopher Allen, were held at gunpoint by a neighbor after they brutally murdered a vacationing Michigan couple in Missouri.

Philadelphia man protects his 14-year old boy during a home invasion.

73-year-old Pittsburg music store owner saves his wife from a man that was beating her with a club. (1, 2, 3)

Texas man uses a shotgun to stop a baseball bat weilding intruder.

PA man uses an AR-15 to stop a home intruder that was “menacing” him and his wife.

Ohio store owner returns fire against a robber, killing him, to protect his wife and child.

Billings woman fends off intruder using gun without firing a shot.

Texas woman shoots a robber who was likely responsible for a crime spree around Lumberton. (Another Source)

Woman scares away robbers after she retrieves a gun from her purse and fires.

Oroville business owner, not police, catches suspects after a string of burglaries.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Sandra Mize, a grandmother of ten fired a warning shot and then held a would-be burglar at gunpoint in her home until police arrived and arrested him. (2, 3, 4, 5)

Retired cop scares away three assailants without firing a shot.

Oregon woman is attacked from behind, dragged by her ponytail, and assaulted until she is able to produce a handgun and scare-away her attacker.

March 2013

Miami, FL concealed carry permit holder is shot in the hand outside of his apartment during an attempted robbery, but shoots back and stops his attacker. (1, 2, 3, 4, )

15-year-old is attacked on the way to a school bus stop and is saved by a man with a concealed carry permit and a gun.

Tattoo artist Sean Rodriquez saves a man being beaten and robbed by a group of assailants without firing a shot.

Limo driver with a concealed carry permit comes under attack in an apparent robbery attempt and returns fire.

Two Oklahoma women are viciously mauled by a dog and are rescued by a man with gun. (1, 2)

Burglar pinned on front lawn as naked homeowner holds him at gunpoint.

82-year old Oregon farmer and his wife hold a burglar at gunpoint until he is arrested.

72-year old woman on oxygen holds a burglar in her home until police arrive.

Millionaire points a gun a burglar in his Manhattan apartment – faces jail time.

Two North Carolina kids break into a home and face an 18-year-old woman with a gun.  After leaving the house, they are confronted by neighbor…with a gun.   (Video)

Man fires on home intruder when police can’t arrive fast enough.  911 call.

Two would-be robbers exchange fire with a homeowner, then kill themselves.

Article – 30 Days of Guns Saving Lives.

Wisconsin concealed carry permit holder stops man from beating woman, holds him until police arrive. (2)

A nursing school in Thailand is attacked by 12 men wielding machetes, an armed administrator fights them off with a handgun.

81-year-old Florida man confronts and shoots robber that was following him for 20 minutes on the road.

Louisiana concealed carry license holder saves cop from an attacker.

Louisiana mom chases armed intruder from her home using a shotgun.

93-year old Arkansas man, beaten and bloody, retrieves gun and shoots the attacker in his home.

Armed Oklahoma man chases burglar from home. 

Home owner holds burglar at gun point, burglar arrested.

February 2013

Gainesville man armed with a shotgun breaks into home.  Residents disarm him.  He returns with another shotgun.  Residents shoot him with their own handguns.

Woman shoots gun for the first time to save her dog from a mountain lion.

72-year-old Las Vegas man defends himself against “several” armed home intruders.

 Detroit candy store owner shoots armed burglar. 

Houston man finds three burglars in his house. Restrains them with rifle until police arrive.

Alabama woman draws gun on home intruder.  Man leaves only to return later with an apology note claiming he was sorry he screwed up again.

Store owner fires shot at armed robbers

21-year-old saves his mother and father from violent home invasion.

Another reason why it’s a bad idea to break into a Texas home: armed elderly man kills home intruder.

Dad protects himself and 2-year-old son during home invastion by armed intruders.

South Carolina woman scares two assailants away when she brandishes her pistol.

AR-15 wielding security guard repels robbers from tax prep office in Inkster, MI

Armed 87-year old man saves woman from violent assault

Chehalis, Washington homeowner shoots intruder and holds him until police arriveReceives support from Sheriff.

Woman Shoots Home Intruder While He Attacked Her Sister

Concealed Carry Holders Fight Back in Detroit

Indiana man fires at armed burglar.

January 2013

Oregon man holds a gang member who was trying to break into his house at gunpoint until police arrive.

Jewelry store owner scares off three armed robbers when he cocks his own gun.

Young parents find a car thief that the police were actively pursuing in their yard and hold him at gunpoint until he is arrested.

Massachusetts store clerk frightens off armed robbers when he produces a gun of his own.

Washington man holds a returning burglar at gunpoint until police arrive.

A homeless man warns a gas station owner of a imminent robbery and gives him time to retrieve his weapon which he used to successfully defend himself.

Roger Mundell, Jr. and his nephew are attacked by a rabid bobcat in their Massachusetts home.  His wife retrieved their gun, which his used to put the animal down.

Bryan Lee, owner of the Almond Avenue Pharmacy in California, uses his .45 to save himself and his mother from gang-bangers that were firing on them.

82-year-old Missouri man shoots intruder who broke into his home and attacked him.

DC man uses gun to save a young boy being mauled by a trio of pit bulls.

Dad Shields 2-Month Old Son While He Shoots Robber

RIT Students Repel Armed Gunmen from Their Home with AR-15

Mother hiding with her kids in the attic crawl space shoots intruder.  Audio of 911 call.

December 2012

Armed civilians that have stopped mass shootings.

Sacramento home owner exchanges gun fire with three home invaders wounding two and killing one.

Man Attempts to Open Fire on Crowd at Movie Theater, Armed Off-Duty Sergeant Drops Him

Oregon shooting massacre stopped quickly by armed civilian

85-year-old Hazel Poole scares away two knife-wielding home intruders when she brandishes her revolver.

Nail salon customer packs heat, scares gunman away. 

Man holds road rage suspects at gunpoint until police arrive. 

Good samaritans with guns credited with stopping two crimes – Gary Cherry stops a man stabbing a young mother on the side of the road and a neighbor with a concealed handgun license is being thanked for helping police arrest Demetrius Jackson. He is charged with burglary and accused of attacking two elderly women.

79-year-old man stops a man from beating his granddaughter in their front yard.

November 2012

Bank president stops a bank robber and holds him at gunpoint until the police arrive.

Man was eating dinner on his front porch when two men attacked him with a knife and electroshock weapon.  His friend retrieved his .38 revolver and stopped the attack.

October 2012

12-year old Kendra St. Clair stops a man trying to find her as she hid in a closet.  Update:  She is given Oklahoma’s 911 Hero of the Year Award.

Ohio man defends home from burglar robbing him a second time.

September 2012

92-Year-Old WWII Vet Shoots and Kills Home Intruder

August 2012

Armed citizen in Texas makes four 150+ yard shots with a pistol to stop a murderer and save a cop who was pinned down and outgunned.

Gun store owner uses AR-15 with standard capacity magazine to repel thieves

July 2012

Off-duty cop refuses to stop robbery in progress, so armed shopowner takes care of business.

Five bumbling thugs vs. an old gray-haired female jewelery store owner.

71-Year-Old Man Shoots Robbers at an Internet Cafe

A Utah stabbing spree was ended by an armed citizen (Another Source) (Video)

June 2012

66-Year-Old Flint woman who uses a walker shoots knife wielding man who forced his way into her home

January 2012

Concealed carry holder stops and armed robbery spree in a grocery store.

South Carolina concealed carry permit holder defends a Waffle House from an armed robbery.

Recently Widowed Mother Shoots Home Invader to Protect Her Baby.  Asks 911 for permission to shoot intruder

December 2011

Burglary Thwarted by Armed 11-Year-Old with Pink Rifle

American Defends His Home Against Four Heavily Armed Illegal Aliens

August 2011

68-year-old Tennessee grandmother shoots armed home invaders with .410 shotgun.

September 2010

Good Samaritan concealed carry holder defends customers in a Walgreens from a robber weilding a sawed-off shotgun.

Restaurant Owner Shoots, Kills Armed Robber

August 2010

Grandmother Shoots Intruder

Georgia judge shoots home invaders and receives praise from local sheriff.

June 2010

Hiker stops charging grizzly bear in Denali park with a .45ACP 1911. (2)

Boy Uses Dad’s AR-15 to Repel Home Invaders

April 2010

Elderly Woman Shoots at Intruder – Police Reload Her Gun

December 2009

A Marine who opened fire at an apartment complex was stopped by an armed citizen

Woman Shoots Intruder During 911 Call

Wheelchair-bound disabled man is attacked in his own home by home invaders and uses a gun to defend himself.

May 2009

College Student Kills Home Invaders and Saves 10 Lives

April 2008

Missouri woman with a concealed carry permit comes home to a robbery in progress and finds the burglar then holds him at gunpoint until police arrive.

October 2008

Woman shoots and kills the man who raped her (a career criminal) when he came back to attack her again five days later on Halloween.

January 2008

Man Shoots At Robbers Inside His Home

December 2007

Church Shooter Stopped by Armed Guard

December 2006

17-year-old boy uses a shotgun to defend himself and his cousin against four armed home invaders

August 2006

New Mexico woman is repeatedly stabbed by her ex-husband in a Walmart before a 72-year-old concealed carry holder shoots the assailant and stops the assault.

March 2006

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A motel desk clerk shot a man who was attempting to rob an east side motel.

January 2002

Law School Shooter Stopped by Armed Students

October 1997

High school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi was halted by the school’s vice principal after he retrieved his handgun.

December 1994

Richmond jewelery store shootout.

April 1992

Korean store owners defend their property during the 1992 LA riots.

November 1990

The Beckwith Incident

August 1989

Over a period of less than 3 years, watch store owner Lance Thomas was involved in four gun battles against a total of 11 known suspects.

February 1984

The Gary Fadden Incident

August 1946

The Battle of Athens

March 1915

Disgruntled business man goes on a shooting spree with an automatic shotgun before being stopped by a lawyer with a gun.

Should Have Been A DGU:

18-year-old German mass murderer aquires a gun illegally, witness can do nothing but throw bottles at him.

19 people killed and at least 26 people injured in Japan knife attack

UT Student killed

Five Teens Force Dad to Leave Daughter at Gunpoint Then Gang Rape Her.

Why a campus rape survivor supports campus carry

Man robbed and raped on Detroit’s east side.

Masked man kills one, wounds three at Swedish school using bladed weapons

50 killed in a knife attack at a Chinese colliery.

Knife-wielding attackers kill 29, injure 130 at China train station

At least three killed in Austria after man drives into crowd before ‘stabbing passers-by’ in Graz

New Jersey Gun Laws Prevent a Woman from Defending Herself Against A Violent Ex-Boyfriend (2, 3)

Memphis mob attacks a good Samaritan at a gas station.

Man is carjacked in a Kroger’s parking lot.  Despite doing everything the robbers requested, he is shot anyway.

Man beaten to death by teenagers with hammers in St. Louis.

Five men beat a man and sexually assault his girlfriend in downtown Austin.

Four men break into a Sterling Heights home at 1pm and rob and assault the 61-year old grandmother inside.

Clerk shot in the head after complying with all of the robber’s demands.

A brutal attack in a New Jersey couple’s apartment changes their views on gun control.

The Murder of Kelsey Smith (Abducted from a Target parking lot)

One California hiker killed and another wounded after they complied with an armed robbery.

Woman badly beaten during a home invasion.

29 people killed and 143 wounded in a knife attack in China.

Gang rape near UC Santa Barbara.

Spread of “Knockout Game”.

Woman calls 911 because her violent ex boyfriend is trying to break into her home.  911 operator tells her there is no one to send.  Boyfriend breaks in and rapes woman.

The Merced Pitchfork Murders

Nikki Goeser’s husband was killed by a stalker inside a restaurant while her gun was locked in the car per Tennessee law.

Nanny-cam catches a burglar viciously attacking an unarmed mother inside her home in front of her child.

The Witchita Massacre (AKA The Witchia Horror)

The murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

Oregon woman about to be sexually assaulted by a former boyfriend trying to break into her house is told by 911 operator that there is no one to send.

At least 11 injured in community college stabbing spree.

Amanda Collins was “legislated into being a victim” by lawmakers who prevented her from carrying on her college campus where she was raped.

Cheshire, Connecticut home invasion murders.  Police errors may have cost victims their lives.

Dr. Suzanna Hupp testifies before congress regarding the 1991 Luby’s massacre in which her parents died.

The murder of James Byrd, Jr.

The murder of Matthew Shepard.

Victim in a jewelry store robbery tries to chamber a round three times and fails – always keep one in the pipe.

Three injured in a hatchet attack at an east Texas WalMart.

Entire family attacked in Savannah, GA including a 6-year-old girl who was punched by an adult.

NC BBQ restaurant with “no guns” signs is robbed at gunpoint.

Resources (A large number of DGU stories can be found here):

Concealed Nation

Guns Save Lives

Defensive Gun Uses By State

Gun Watch: Mass Killings Stopped by Armed Citizens

Cato Institute’s Guns and Self Defense Interactive Map

GOA Self Defense Corner

NRA Armed Citizen

Gun Watch

The Armed Citizen

Reddit DGU Page

A Good Guy With A Gun


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