Government School Stupidity

This page is dedicated to chronicling the ever growing trend of idiotic punishments handed out by school officials for various non-offenses by students.


January 2016

Student suspended for carrying a fellow student suffering from an asthma attack to the nurse.

September 2015

Arrest of 14-Year-Old Student for Making a Clock: the Fruits of Sustained Fearmongering and Anti-Muslim Animus

April 2015

School shames 5-year-old girl as “immoral” for wearing a spaghetti strapped dress.

Mom Says School Wouldn’t Let Daughter Finish Lunch Because It Was Not ‘Nutritious’ (2)

December 2014

Kansas student facing 186-day suspension for accidentally bringing a single spent brass casing to school.

October 2014

High school sweethearts are given a 10-day suspension for posting a picture with Airsoft guns before homecoming.

Dearborn Heights Teen Girl is Expelled for Carrying Her Grandfather’s pocket knife in her purse.

School Forces 5-Year-Old to Sign Anti-Murder/Suicide Contract After Pointing a Crayon (2)

School sics cops and K9 on a 65-year-old man out hunting for dandelions.

September 2014

Asst. Principal Promoted After Special Needs Student Used as Rape “Bait”

Three cops brutally subdue a teenage girl for using her phone in school to call her sick mother.

August 2014

16-year-old arrested for killing a dinosaur in a story with a gun.

Student in hot water over saying “bless you” to another student who sneezed.  

July 2014

School board reinstates teacher that abused a special need child.

May 2014

Iowa student suspended for having a BB gun in his car parked off campus.

Cop leg-sweeps a 13-year-old boy for opening a school bus window while he was having an asthma attack.

Teacher suspended for manhandling a 6-year-old boy.

April 2014

Special needs students are beaten and bullied by teachers in Atlanta Public Schools.

Disabled boy records bullies tormenting him, police charge him with felony wiretapping.

Teen is suspended for twirling a pencil and being accused by another student of making “gun” gestures.  Has to undergo five hours of psychological evaluation and give blood and urine. (2)

March 2014

Student sent to the principal’s office for citing immigration law.

14-year-old student gets frostbite from being force to go outside, soaking wet, in her swimsuit for a fire drill.

February 2014

Honor roll student charged for unknowingly having his dad’s fishing knife in his car.

Principal caught dragging kindergarteners down the hall receives lenient punishment.

December 2013

Principal calls police after a 7-year-old boy’s mother calls to tell him that her son ran away from school.  Police put him in handcuffs.

Ryan Gibbons, 12, died because the school took his asthma inhaler.

Boy suspended for playing with an imaginary bow and arrow.

Texas high school boy who broke up a fight is in a coma after being tasered by police.

November 2013

Two Gonzaga students may be expelled for using a gun to protect themselves at a University-owned apartment.

Dad arrested and strip searched after his four-year-old daughter draws a picture of a man with a gun.

Woman is banned from her child’s school because she posted a picture of her concealed carry permit on Facebook.

Child reportedly threatened with expulsion for drawing pictures of a soldier, ninja, and a jedi.

October 2013

Brian Ross investigation on barbaric disciplinary tactics used in some schools.

Special needs child suspended indefinitely for bringing a drawing of a cartoon bomb to school.

September 2013

Florida school suspends an eight-year-old for making a gun gesture with his fingers while playing cops and robbers.

Seventh graders are suspended, and may be expelled for playing with airsoft guns in their own front yard.

High school student is forced to remove a Duck Dynasty t-shirt because it was deemed threatening.

Gun gesture leads to suspension for sixth grader.

August 2013

Common Core:  In pursuit of the new Soviet man by Glenn Jacobs

July 2013

A list of 19 children recently arrested for trivial things.

June 2013

Expert says that heavy-handed zero-tolerance policies are “psychotic”.

Young hero is repremanded by school officials and police for intervening in a fight in which one of the participants pulled a knife.

May 2013

Kindergartner is interrogated over a cap gun until he pees his pants.  He is later suspended.

Students and a bus driver over-react when a 6-year-old brings a tiny Lego “gun” on the bus.

Two Virginia boys are suspended for pretending their pencils were guns.

Teenager’s chemistry experiment gone wrong, which hurt nobody, results in felony charges.

April 2013

Teacher sues school over “weapons charge” he received for showing ordinary tools to 2nd graders.

8th grader is suspended and arrested over a wearing an NRA t-shirt.

Government school encourages 4th graders to write that they will trade liberty for security.

New York man has his pistol license suspended and has his guns all but confiscated because of something his 10-year old son said in school.

New Hampshire school bans dodgeball – because it is a “human target game”.

March 2013

A Massachusetts middle schooler is suspended for bring a butter knife to school to cut her pear.

Maryland school district outlaws hugging, places restrictions on homemade food and pushing kids on swings.

Maryland state senator introduces the “Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013” to combat a rash of school suspensions for “having things — or talking about things, or eating things — that represent guns, but aren’t actually anything like real guns. 

Boy suspended for talking about a Nerf toy gun.

School district put into lockdown when one student heard another one playing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

7-year-old suspended for holding a Pop Tart that was shaped like a “gun”.

Two 6-year-old boys are suspended for using their fingers as guns when playing.

February 2013

Student who wrestled a gun away from another student threatening to kill a third is suspended for being involved in an incident with a gun.

January 2013

6-year-old Maryland boy is suspended for making a gun gesture with his finger at another student and saying “pow.”

5-year-old girl suspended for making “terroristic threat” regarding a Hello Kitty bubble gun.

Girl is harassed, berated, and threatened in her class for having a piece of paper “shaped like a gun” that was given to her by her grandfather.

August 2012

Nebraska school district is forcing a 3-year-old deaf boy to change his name because the sign he uses for it resembles a gun.


7-year-old boy is charged with sexual harassment for kissing a female student.  Junior high school girl suspended for trafficking in Midol.


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