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GMO – Government Mandated Obedience

A common criticism of free-market capitalism is the supposed tendency for large corporations to trend toward monopoly to the detriment of the consuming public.  To the contrary, Austrian school economists have shown that an enduring monopoly cannot possibly exist in a truly free market.  As long as there are no legislative barriers to entry, a privileged firm is always at risk of losing it’s position due to new entries into the field.  In reality, monopolies are formed through carefully crafted regulations or legislation that shields favored companies from competition and creates barriers to entry for newcomers.  As Murray Rothbard points out, the original definition of monopoly, as articulated by seventeenth-century jurist Lord Coke, is:

A monopoly is an institution or allowance by the king, by his grant, commission, or otherwise . . . to any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, for the sole buying, selling, making, working, or using of anything, whereby any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, are sought to be restrained of any freedom or liberty that they had before, or hindered in their lawful trade.”  – Man Economy and State, pg 668-669

Far from being the consumer’s advocate, government, itself a “monopoly of the use of force and violence in a given territorial area”*, is actually the great enabler of nefarious corporate interests.


An example of this dynamic has recently been demonstrated when the president signed the Monsanto Protection Act in late March.  Monsanto, already the recipient of government-granted monopoly privileges (a.k.a. patents), has enhanced its favored position by successfully lobbying for protection from lawsuits related to its GMO seed products.   It’s a delicious irony that see those crunchy Obama supporters who have been sounding the alarm over GMOs, and are normally enthusiastic cheerleaders for government force, attempting to resolve the cognitive dissonance caused by this latest governmental overreach.


Incidentally, there is a name for an economic system in which the “government administers a capitalist system with an immense bureaucracy” and “quasi-private companies enjoy vast privileges at our expense.”  See here.


* Murray Rothbard, Anatomy of the State

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