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Guns at the Movies

If you see a gun:

  1. STOP!
  2. Don’t Touch.
  3. Leave the Area.
  4. Tell an Adult.

These are the four steps taught to students of the NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program and is good advice that every child should be made aware of.  Whether you are a firearms enthusiast or abhor the very mention of the word “gun”, the reality is that these tools are ever-present in our society and as such, we have a responsibility to teach young people how to stay safe around them. 

“But I would never allow my child to be in a place where they might be around guns!”, I can almost hear the anti-gun people saying.  Well, even the most fervent proponent of civilian disarment will typically argue that only police and military should be able to carry firearms.  As long as police are able to freely carry, you have the possibility of one of them leaving a loaded gun in a place easily accessible to children


Fortunately, the nine-year-old boy who found a cop’s loaded gun in the bathroom of a movie complex knew what to do.  As his father is a concealed-carry permit holder and clearly more responsible than the average cop, I have no doubt that this topic was previously addressed with his son.  I highly encourage all parents to talk to their kids and teach them the four steps listed above – you never know when they may be useful.

Update 7/9/13:

New York trooper leaves gun in a park bathroom.

Pennsylvania cop leaves his duty belt containing his duty gun, taser, and spare magazines on his truck as he drives off.  Gun and taser go missing.

US marshalls lose at least 42 guns in five years.